Beaumont Tiles Capalaba

January 25, 2020

Beaumont Tiles Capalaba

The Clik Tile System has been a great success with our tilers so far. We have also had a lot of success with winning competitor “Raimondi” customers over which we were never able to do previously. Unfortunately we lost a few tilers with our previous leveling system however with the new Clik system and the sample packs you offer we have won back the majority of them.

Just so you know this is the feedback from our trade base so far:
  • Not having to use a gun was a big plus for the tilers, they are able to get more done faster.
  • Strength of the wedge is a step above the competitors and allows them to put more pressure on the tile. This also allows them to reuse the wedge and not have to purchase new.
  • Price point of the clip is very competitive, in most cases cheaper and taking into account the wedge longevity it works out a lot cheaper over time.
  • The clips break in the correct spot consistently unlike our previous system.
I believe last we spoke you had a display stand in the pipeline, that should solve the only problem we have which is a way to display the product so we can pick up retails and more trade as they drop in.

The timely deliveries and service has been great as well as being able to buy an Australian made product is something we try to do as much as possible. Thank you for the service mate and look forward to bringing your product into our Enoggera store at the end of the year.

Chris Hoffmann | Store Manager
Beaumont Tiles Capalaba